Mission For Migrant Workers

The Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW Limited) of St. John’s Cathedral is a leading and trusted service provider for Asian migrant workers, and a committed advocate in building a caring and inclusive Hong Kong society.

Established in 1981, MFMW is the longest existing independent service provider for migrant workers in Hong Kong and Asia. It is an outreach program of the St. John’s Cathedral of HK Sheng Kung Hui (Anglican). It is a registered charitable organisation with a board comprising of 11 members from a variety of background, including churches, the legal profession, and grass-root migrant association. The board oversees the operation of MFMW and meets once every quarter.   

MFMW’s services are for the more than 380,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. Of this number, 98% are women who come from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other under-developed countries in Asia. A lot of them are under-paid, over-worked, trapped in the vicious cycle of debt and discrimination, or are victims of physical and sexual abuse. MFMW’s core services include provision of information and guidance, case support, shelter provision and other rescue and emergency assistance to distressed foreign domestic workers.

MFMW, as a pioneer service provider and advocate for migrants, is instrumental in building the support base for migrant workers in Hong Kong.

The Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to delivering responsive services to migrants in Hong Kong

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