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2. Organising and Campaign Support

The training and education provided by the MFMW encourages educational and organisational work of migrants among co-migrants. MFMW offered training to migrant groups and helped develop migrant organisations to implement welfare programs and to enhance Mutual Care and Support among migrants and their community. 

1. Training and Education


MFMW provides training and education to migrant domestic workers by offering training and educational materials.  In 2019 alone, over 2000 participants are benefited.

Rights-based Training
We provide “Know Your Rights & Responsibility Training” to help migrant domestic workers understand and exercise their rights in the contract. 

Work and life Skills Training
We provide Work and life Skills Training and Workshop to help migrant domestic workers to develop themselves and to cope with their working conditions. We offer trainings including:


  • Computer Lessons

  • First Aid Training

  • Caregivers Needs and Stress - Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Training

  • Elderly Care  Training  (Dementia Care, Fall Prevention)

  • Child Care Training

  • Home Safety Training

  • Workshop on Eco-friendly





Educational Materials 

The MFMW  provides educational materials on issues and policies affecting migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong, including conditions of live-in accommodation, compliant mechanisms and immigration policies. This allows migrant domestic workers to be aware of their rights and resources available when they need help. 

3. Women’s  Empowerment

A gender-specific program which aims to popularize women’s concerns and gender-based education among migrant workers. Considering that migrant workers in Hong Kong are 99% women, the program works to make migrants aware and work against Violence Against Women and for Women Empowerment.

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