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What We Do

The MFMW has been doing crisis intervention and prevention for migrants through our services and advocacy. With our partnership with over 100 migrant organizations, we are able to assist an average 5,000 workers a year.



The MFMW provides welfare services to Migrant Domestic Workers including guidance and case assistance and pastoral care. Besides, we work with over 100 migrant organizations to set up outreach Migrant Care Centers on Sundays to engage and support migrant domestic workers from different areas in Hong Kong.



Apart from direct services, we provide training and education to the migrants community to make sure they are aware of their rights, as well as provided with opportunities to develop their work and life skills while they are working in Hong Kong. In 2018 alone, we offered over 130 sessions of work and life skills trainings and benefitted over 2500 participants.

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As a front-line service provide, we advocate as well for social inclusion for migrants in Hong Kong. We conduct researches from time to time to look into migrants’ situation in Hong Kong and hold dialogue with the Hong Kong government and Consulates to review policies that affect domestic workers’. We promote mutual respect, understanding, fair treatment and recognition between migrant domestic workers and the local community.

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