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1. Happy Homes Project

"Happy Homes HK" is a social advocacy project of MFMW since 2017 to promote mutual understanding, respect, and equality among migrant workers and employers. Through the Stories of Harmony in the Household, Seal of Approval awarding, and other activities, we acknowledge the good relationships between employers and Migrant Domestic Workers, educate the public to recognize domestic work, and encourage the society to give more love and care to Migrant Domestic Workers. Employers who are nominated by their workers become Happy Homes Families and will be awarded with the Happy Homes Seal of Approval.

Visit our facebook page : Happy Homes HK

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2. Policy Advocacy

As a front-line service provider, we advocate to the Hong Kong government to abolish discriminatory restrictions and policies against migrant domestic workers such as mandatory live-in policy and 2-week rule.


We regularly hold dialogue with the Hong Kong government and sending countries Consulates, such as Philippines, Indonesia, to review policies that affect domestic workers’ and ensure migrant workers’ rights are being respected. 


We conduct research from time to time to look into migrants’ situations in Hong Kong and work on improving the protection and working conditions of domestic workers. 


We advocate for social inclusion for migrants in Hong Kong and We promote mutual respect, understanding, fair treatment and recognition between migrant domestic workers and the local community.

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