Help Service Migrants


Just $100,000 will support our Cases and Shelter Assistance Program and our Outreach Services in the Migrant Care Centres throughout HK for a MONTH and support over 600 Migrant Domestic Workers.

Together, let’s support this vital, valuable but vulnerable section of our community.  Join the fundraising challenge today!

Any donations of HK$100 or more will be tax-deductible.

Each “Fundraiser” may register in one of the following categories on an individual or a team basis.


外籍家庭傭工 Migrant Domestic Workers

學生 Students  (Full-time students )

企業 Enterprise

公開 Open
*All other participants aged 18 or above 凡不符合以上組別資格並滿十八歲人士


外籍家庭傭工 Migrant Workers Group: open to all migrant domestic workers

學生 Students Group: open to full-time students

企業 Enterprise Group: open to employees in the same company

家庭Family Group:  團隊為家庭成員; 團隊至少有一名外籍家庭傭工參加者 Family participants, plus at least 1 migrant domestic worker per team.

公開Open Group: Any combination of members



* 個人與團體得獎者將獲頒發獎品及獎狀

*Certificates and prizes will be awarded to all individuals and group winners


*Prize presentation will be held at the “MFMW 40th Anniversary Charity Gala”

個人獎項Individual Award

  • 各組別均設一名得獎者A winner will be selected from each individual category

外勞事工中心40週年慶祝典禮」參加者均會自動參與此項比賽;籌款總額最高的個人名義參加者為得獎者The winner will be the individual participant who raises the highest amount within their relevant individual category in the “Help Serving Migrants ”Fundraiser Challenge

團隊組別獎項Team Award

  • 各組別均設一組得獎隊伍A winning team will be selected from each group category


團隊最高籌款總額最高的隊伍為優勝隊伍The winning team will be the team with the highest TOTAL amount raised within their relevant group category.


1.請於2021年4月 9日(星期五)下午五時前,填妥以網上參加及付款表格 或 於此下載並 親身到外勞事工中心辦公室(香港中環花園道4-8號聖公會聖約翰座堂外勞事工中心)辦公時間內遞交參加表格及捐款,亦可以郵寄有關資料至本中心。 )
Complete the Online Registration and Payment Form or  download a hard copy here and send your completed registration form with payment to MFMW, St. John‘s Cathedral, 4-8 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong by post or in person during office hours.


2. Accepted forms of payment for registration are :

A. Direct Deposit/Transfer ︰
     Bank Name : HANG SENG BANK

     Account Name: MFMW Limited

     Account Number: 210-116448-883

B. By Cheque ︰

     Payable to “MFMW LIMITED” and mail to "MFMW, St. John's     

     Cathedral 4-8 Garden Road, Central

C.  FPS 轉數快 :  

      Mobile Number : +852 9529 0387 (MFMW Limited)

D.  Alipay :  








E. TNG Wallet : +852 9529 0387









3.  Registration forms and full payment must be received by MFMW by 5pm on 9 April 2021 (Friday) to be eligible for prizes.

The Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW) is a registered charitable organization dedicated to delivering responsive services to migrants in Hong Kong

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