Women’s Life Experience Workshop

To be a woman is to face challenges every day. Be it with employer, with family, with friends or with the general community, the experiences of women have commonalities and at the same time are unique from each other. As such, they can be sources of learning and mutual support. The workshops that will be held are centred on the concerns of being a woman – a mother, daughter, sister and a woman worker. Do come and share your thoughts with fellow women!

Upcoming events
Workshop on violence against women – November 18
Workshop on violence against women – November 25
Workshop on violence against women – December 3

Past events
Workshop on the human rights of women
Workshop participants talked about their concept of rights and shared their experiences on what they perceive as violations of their rights as women.

Workshop on women and culture
Participants discussed the gender dimension of culture and how culture pictures women and affects how they are treated in the society.

Workshop on Indonesian women
Workshop participants discussed the condition of Indonesian women and how this condition impacts on their migration.

Workshop on the ILO Convention No. 189
Last year, the International Labour Organization approved the Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189). On this workshop, the participants, were familiarized with the provisions of the convention and they relate to their condition as DWs in Hong Kong.

Workshop on marriage migrants
Many women are in a transnational marriage. The workshop gave an opportunity for women from the Philippines, Indonesia and China to share their thoughts and experiences as wives and mothers in Hong Kong.

What can you do
Come and join our workshops. Connect with other women who face similar situation as you. Your unique experience will surely further enrich the discussions. Or you can just join and listen and take inspiration on how women address or plan to address their condition.