Winning Numbers of the MFMW Charity Raffle Draw 2017

News 14 Feb 2017
Winning Numbers of the MFMW Charity Raffle Draw 2017

We are grateful for all the support we received in our Charity Raffle Draw 2017. Your contribution helped us raise funds for the welfare and basic charitable services for migrant workers in crisis.

(12 February 2017)

10 Consolation Prizes:
1. 09905
2. 01242
3. 03378
4. 09568
5. 11404
6. 02448
7. 11015
8. 09841
9. 07242
10. 03787

3rd Prize: 11148
2nd Prize: 08152
1st Prize: 05592

To our friends, donors and contributors a Big THANK YOU, and to the winners CONGRATULATIONS!

Winners should first call 25228261 before collecting the prize at our Center in St. John’s Cathedral, 4 – 8 Garden road, Central HK on or before 21 March 2017.

16668069_1291735677528689_1868236549_o16709227_1291735704195353_1871533053_o 16709490_1291735414195382_1955935305_o 16709513_1291735500862040_1836677556_o 16709526_1291735244195399_1363688068_o 16709584_1291735860862004_2012382525_o 16709711_1291735604195363_1105126122_o 16710309_1291735924195331_627395639_o 16710323_1291735960861994_922009263_o 16710336_1291735270862063_617178246_o 16710562_1291735657528691_61966992_o 16731228_1291735757528681_1721744013_o 16731287_1291735990861991_421949548_o 16731315_1291735840862006_820285942_o 16731335_1291735557528701_134721174_o 16731458_1291735617528695_1141747836_o 16731517_1291735814195342_827493338_o 16731556_1291735980861992_1044574024_o 16731808_1291736014195322_1577599124_o 16731846_1291735957528661_1925502647_o 16731882_1291735457528711_269869073_o 16731920_1291735340862056_148406659_o 16732021_1291735544195369_1712874555_o 16734880_1291735834195340_477534772_o 16734885_1291735947528662_1164284014_o 16734900_1291735774195346_546909027_o 16734913_1291735390862051_1543967241_o 16735608_1291735594195364_1130713230_o 16735654_1291735730862017_756135363_o 16735687_1291735300862060_54102339_o

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