The shelter and the way we live and work

The Bethune House now operates two small flats located in the center of Hong Kong. Each flat has both sleeping quarters and common area for the residents and one room for the staff and a kitchen. There are bunk beds for 15 residents in each shelter but most of the time the house is occupied by more than that number.


The residents themselves share the household chores (marketing, cooking, cleaning and washing). A daily schedule and a set of house policies are provided to systematize the operation of the shelter.


There is three full time staff that carries out the daily functions of the shelter. The Executive Director is in charge of the overall administration of the shelter and is accountable to the BH Board; the House management staff is responsible for the day-to-day activity of the shelter. All the staff is involved in counseling. We also have a set of volunteers (former residents, advocates, and other migrant workers), students from the local universities and overseas who from time to time assist us in our daily work.


The Bethune House Board consists of interested women of different nationalities who help to administer and supervise the project. The present Board Members are:


Ms. Doris Lee – Chairperson, Mission Outreach and Ecumenism, Kowloon Union Church

Jackie Hung – Justice and Peace Commission of the HK Catholic Diocese

Cynthia Abdon-Tellez – Director, Mission for Migrant Workers (HK) Society