Solidarity Message

Persevere in the Fight for Justice!

Solidarity Message to the Family and to the Justice for Jeffrey Reodica Coalition
from Migrant Workers and Advocates in Hong Kong
July 30, 2006

Our sympathy bridges distance. Our grief is a cry for justice!

We wish to express our strongest support to the family and to the coalition fighting to seek justice for Jeffrey Reodica. We, migrant workers and advocates in Hong Kong, stand by you as the coroner’s inquest progresses and unravels the truth behind Jeffrey’s death.

We are appalled by the fact that two years after that brutal slaying of our compatriot, Jeffrey Reodica, truth and justice has yet to be met. Indeed, justice delayed is practically justice denied.

What is more unspeakable is the fact that because of the proceedings at the coroner’s inquest, we come to realize the depth of the cover-up and whitewash of the S.I.U. of the culpability of the suspect policemen.

More so, the inaction of the Philippine Consulate since day one of the case validates our collective view that the current Arroyo administration is not geared towards protecting our compatriots abroad nor is it interested with justice.

While we commemorate together with his family and friends, the untimely death of Jeffrey, we also wholeheartedly support your conviction and hope that these kinds of tragedies need not be repeated again. Because the bigger tragedy is to allow police brutality and systemic racism in Canada to continue and victimize more of our youth and our people, it is imperative that we persevere in the struggle for justice.

Like you, we are no stranger to injustices. More and more migrant workers in Hong Kong are becoming victims of worker’s exploitation, underpayment, long working hours and other slave like conditions, physical abuse, sexual violence, and other violations to our rights. Unfortunately, the justice and grievance systems in Hong Kong do not favor the temporary worker, the ethnic minority.

And yet we both persevere to expose these injustices. Some we strive to fight out in courts. Many we bring to the streets to rally public opinion, involvement and support.

We salute your unwavering conviction to see this process through to the end. We support your demands to the Philippine Consulate and the relevant governmental agencies in Canada to pursue justice for Jeffrey. We are with you in mustering the strength to expose the hypocrisy of Canada’s multiculturalism, the exploitative and unjust conditions of our compatriots there, and to combat the evils of police brutality and state repression.

We believe that truth and justice will ultimately prevail.


United Filipinos in Hong Kong – MIGRANTE (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK)
Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU)
Abra-Tingian Ilocano Society (ATIS)
Cordillera Alliance (CORALL)
United Pangasinan – Hong Kong (UPHK)
Migrante Sectoral Party – Hong Kong
Mission for Filipino Migrant Workers in Hong Kong
Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge
Asia-Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM)
Asian Students Association