Reflections on Give Care To Our Caregivers

News 30 Sep 2015

Give Care to our Caregivers: MFMW’s great activity directed to all domestic workers

By Laura Nunez Olaciregui

Volunteers, workers and interns of the Mission for Migrant Workers Limited arrived early to prepare the logistics for the Give Care to our Caregivers On September 27, 2015. The Mission offered free services to all domestic workers like information services, counseling, migrant zine launch, financial health check, overseas absentee registration, Chinese medicine health test , blood pressure test, blood glucose test and BMI, massage and drinking station. At the beginning of the activity a team of collaborators did a promotion in which we invited people in nearby streets to participate in the event. Flyers, Know your Rights booklets and other MFMW publication were also distributed by the teams.

Despite the rain and long queues, people were very happy and grateful to receive these services for free by caregivers like Chinese Medicine for All / United Nethersole Community Health Center / FILREFLEX-HK / League of Filipino Midwives / Filipino Community Consolidated Brigade / ENRICH / Philippine Consulate General.


Give Care to Care Givers: A Reflection

by Johannie of HKU

On a Sunday, the 27th September, MFMW held the event Give Care to Care Givers at Chater Road in Central to provide free services for migrant domestic workers on their rest day. I went to help starting the time when everyone was setting up the booths. I helped out at the information desk to give out Know Your Rights Booklets, other information booklets related to legal knowledge and rights protection.

At around 10am, we divided in groups to promote the event and invite migrant workers in the area to our booths. I was assigned to the subway and the Chater Garden in two different session of promotion period. I brought along with me the Know Your Rights booklets and the small leaflets of the event’s promotion with me and give out to migrant workers sitting around. Most of them feel welcomed when I explained the aim of the event and the activities/ services included. They feel interested and asked if the services were free and the time of the event. Some of them even promised to come over later in the afternoon to our booths. I was assigned to help in the booth of Enrich which is an NGO providing free programme and workshops of financial education and financial counseling for migrant workers.

In the booth we promote the programmes which Enrich offered and invite migrant workers to do a survey and get free vouchers for the programmes. Some of them were interested to equip themselves with better knowledge, however, as all the courses are on Sundays, they considered the limitation of their only rest day on Sunday in a week. To some who really have the need in better financial management, they were active in filling up survey to get the vouchers for the programme. On that day there were booths including massage, free drinks, glucose checking, blood pressure checking, overseas absent voting registration, financial education, books promotion and information desk. Among all the booths, I was amazed that the booth on overseas absent voting registration always had the longest queue.

I have also observed that free message and booths related to health care also were popular among the migrant workers. Through this experience of Give Care to Caregivers, I have more chance to engage to the migrant workers and know more about their needs such as health care and financial education apart from legal knowledge about their rights. Besides, I got to know more about the relations between the political situation in their home town and their decision to be foreign domestic workers when I talked to some of the workers on that day. I really appreciated their strong desire to take the civil responsibility to register to vote overseas and the fact that they cherish their rights.

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