The MFMW deals with personal and legal cases involving migrant workers by means of Crisis Intervention and Prevention through Migrant Empowerment (CIPME).


Crisis intervention addresses the immediate and urgent needs of the “migrant in crisis”. It arises from the Christian spirit of love, charity, mercy and hope like that of the Good Samaritan of old. But beyond direct assistance to the needy, the Mission is committed to strategically lessen the vulnerability of the migrant worker. Thus, crisis prevention is also an imperative.


In the work of crisis management, the Mission believes in the centrality of migrant empowerment. We are committed to “help migrant workers to help themselves”. We are convinced of the strength, vibrancy and capability of the migrant workers and their movement. Through their own awareness-raising, organizational building and positive action, emergencies would be addressed, crisis situations would be abated and abuses checked. In this, our support to them is unconditional.


Thus our services are migrant-centered and empowerment-oriented.


Through CIPME programs, the Mission hopes to fulfill its mission and vision:


“We dream of a society where families are not torn apart by the need to survive. We dream of, and will actively work for, a homeland where all can live decently and with dignity.”


Our programs focus on empowering the migrants through education and training workshops advocating women’s rights, by providing counseling services, liaising with NGOs and networking with unions and associations, as well as by organizing campaign programs to make the general public aware of migrant worker’s rights and concerns.