Organizer in Cordillera and Hong Kong Laid to Rest

News 10 Oct 2015

Manang Flora Belinan was laid to rest in her backyard in Baguio City on October 5.

She used to be a grassroots organizer both in her native Cordillera and among migrant workers in Hong Kong. Other than that she was also a Congressional nominee of both Migrante and Gabriela Women’s Partylists.


A fitting tribute was given to her on the night of October 4. This started with a prayer and was interposed by 4 short documentaries on her life, cultural numbers, and tributes from friends, family, and colleagues.
One of these was her stint as a migrant worker and organizer in Hong Kong and another in her last remaining days thanking all those who had supported her. A touching scene in that last film was when she carried in her arms her first grandchild.

Notable among those who paid tribute to her was a representative of both Migrante International and Hong Kong and Cong. Emmi de Jesus of Gabriela Women’s Partylist. Others included peasant leaders in Mankayan and Bakun in Benguet province and from Cervantes, Ilocos Sur. They vowed to practice what they learned from Manang Flora and continue in advocating for the peoples movement for nationalism and democracy. A fitting tribute was also rendered in her honor led by the United Filipinos in Hong Kong, Cordillera Alliance and Pinatud a Saleng Ti Umili which she co-organized with fellow Cordillerans.
Rest now, Manang Flora. Condolence to your family and friends! We salute also your 30 years of serving the Filipino people.
*Contributed by Gi Estrada, Federation of Agricultural Workers | Philippines

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