Migrant’s Mutual Care and Support Network Project

Have a heart for migrant workers, have a heart for migrant’s welfare.

This is the message of the Migrant’s Mutual Care and Support Network Project. Through the activities of the project, the Mission for Migrant Workers will develop the capacity of migrant workers to provide care and services to fellow migrants, give opportunity for sharing concerns with peers, educate, inform and spread the good words of love and care. The MMCSN project is our humble contribution towards the building of a community bound by mutual concern and care for each other.

1. Hold safe and caring activities for helpers to help themselves through training of migrants for capacity-building to help their fellows. Create systems and structures among migrant organizations to sustain mutual help initiatives and activities.
2. Hold activities that will showcase mutual caring and serve as opportunity for migrants to show their care among each other.
3. Create space for local communities to understand the conditions of migrants.