HAPPY HOMES: Developing and promoting harmony in HK Households

News 13 Nov 2016
HAPPY HOMES: Developing and promoting harmony in HK Households

Public Announcement and Media Release
13 November 2016

Developing and promoting harmony in HK Households

Veteran NGO, the Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW), launches its newest initiative aimed at developing and promoting harmony in Hong Kong households employing foreign domestic workers (FDWs).

Dubbed as Project: HAPPY HOMES, the ground-breaking project is based on the MFMW’s belief that a harmonious relationship inside households is an ideal that must be pursued. Participating households will be given a “Happy Home” badge to indicate that their household is a space where “love, care and understanding” thrive.

According to Cynthia Tellez, MFMW general manager, the project is mutually beneficial to FDWs and employers.

“For FDWs, it will mean reducing their insecurity and vulnerability for a more favourable living and working condition. Meanwhile for employers, it will lead to peace of mind and confidence that their homes, children and elderly are taken care of sufficiently,” she remarked.

Project: HAPPY HOMES is composed of three parts: Harmony in Households, Christian Household project, and the Employer Awareness Program.

Harmony in Households is an initiative that will gather and promote positive short stories and vignettes of events from the employers and FDWs detailing events that showed harmony in the household, in the lives of the employers or workers or in general society.

These stories, said Tellez, can serve as inspiration for many other households as they will feature practices that can be encouraged and emulated. Employers, domestic workers and people in Hong Kong are encouraged to like, read and contribute to the dedicated Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HappyHomesHK/

The Christian Household Project, meanwhile, is part the MFMW’s ministry that is based and expands on Christian values of love, care and fellowship. It will produce information materials that will be distributed among churchgoers all over Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Tellez said, the Employer Awareness Program will make more systematic the help that MFMW gives to employers who approach their office.

“We have had cases wherein employers have been fed with wrong or incomplete information by recruiters or other agents. This has led to misunderstandings and has even exposed employers to liabilities,” Tellez related.

The MFMW is now announcing a dedicated telephone number (2522-8261) for inquiries coming from employers needing timely and accurate information regarding employing foreign domestic workers.

The launch coincides with the international observance of World Kindness Day on November 13 which highlights good deeds and focusing on the positive power of kindness in our communities to bridge the divides of race, economic status, religion, or gender.

Through these project features, Tellez, concluded, the MFMW is hoping to disseminate messages of harmony, multiculturalism and mutual understanding that will “create happy homes to contribute to a Hong Kong society that is truly caring and inclusive of all.”

For reference:
Cynthia Tellez
General Manager
Tel. No.: 97409406



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