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Know Your Rights Bersyong Pilipino

The road to empowerment starts with knowledge.

The Mission For Migrant Workers (MFMW) decided to release the publication – Know Your Rights Plus Online Version – to help migrant workers, specifically foreign domestic workers, to be kept continually abreast with any developments in policies and practices that affect their rights as women, as migrants and as workers.

This 2013 edition of the KYR Plus Online Version is divided into two parts: a concise guide on major topics pertaining to various aspects of being a migrant worker in Hong Kong as well as a collection of articles that expound on the topics in the first part.

With the KYR Plus Online Version, the MFMW hopes that we can help migrant workers, whom we serve with commitment and sincerity, navigate this perilous path.

1. What is the Standard Employment Contract?

2. When does a contract start and until when is its validity?

3. What are the duties and responsibilities of the domestic worker and the employer as stated in the contract?

4. On Wages and Deductions

5. On Rest Days

6. On Annual Leave

7.On Statutory Holidays

8. On Other Benefits Provided for by the Employment Contract and Under the Employment Ordinance

9. Claims or benefits that need proof to substantiate the claims
a) Compensation for injury or sickness benefits
b) Maternity Protection
c) Long Service Pay and Severance Pay

10. On Terminating the Contract

11. Formula and Computations for Labour Claims

12. Process and description of the different government agencies that handle particular or specific claims or cases

13.Preparation before the filing of claims

14.Immigration and Police Cases

15. The “New Conditions of Stay” or the Two-week Rule

Know MORE About Your Rights

The Foreign Domestic Workers’ Guide to the Labor Relations Services (LRS)

The Foreign Domestic Workers’ Guide to the Minor Employment Claims Adjudication Board (MECAB)

The Foreign Domestic Workers’ Guide to the Labor Tribunal (LT)

On Employment Compensation Claims

What To Know and Do When You Meet an Accident

The Importance of Building Evidences

The Right of a Foreign Domestic Worker to a Rest Day

Some Points on Salary Deduction, Holidays and Migrants’ Rights

On Breach of Conditions of Stay: Overstaying and Illegal Work

About Recruitment Agency Fees

Handling Problems with Money Lending Agencies

When You are a Victim of Rape, Sexual Harassment or Physical Assault

When You are Accused of Theft

When You are Accused of Child Abuse

The Equal Opportunities Commission and Sex Discrimination and Violence

The Equal Opportunities Commission and the Disability Discrimination Ordinance

Organisations that you can seek help