AMCB Press Statement

AMCB to lead thousands of migrants in Mardi Gras, Anti-WTO actions

3 November 2005

Migrant workers in Hong Kong today declared their opposition to the upcoming World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting and said that they will mobilize thousands from their ranks for the HK People’s Mardi Gras against WTO on November 27 and the People’s Action Week this December.

The Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB) who led the thousands strong rally of foreign domestic workers in the past, said in a press conference that the (WTO) kills lives, families, wage, livelihood, rights, and countries. It kills our hope and dream to finally go back home to live a decent and humane life.

The group believed that the policies of globalization and the WTO have worsened poverty and joblessness in their home countries that, in turn, has Forced millions of people to seek employment abroad.

Abroad as well, AMCB said that migrant workers experience attacks on the wages, services, employment protection and rights.

This month, the group will launch various educational activities among migrant workers to ?rally the most number of organizations of migrant workers to be a part of the anti-WTO actions.

On November 27, the AMCB will lead the Mardi Gras that shall feature in a creative way the grave impacts of the WTO on peoples lives as well as the people’s aspirations.

Local groups under the HK People?s Alliance on WTO (HKPA) are also expected to attend the grand parade.

In the press conference, the AMCB also reported the different international, regional and national groups that are expected to come to HK this December as well as call for simultaneous mobilizations in various countries during the People’s Action Week.

Among these are the International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS), the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN), Pesticide Action Network-Asia Pacific (PANAP) and other multisectoral formations.

In the fight against globalization and the WTO, we are never alone.

Finally, the AMCB vowed that by the WTO meeting ?migrant workers will be battle ready. By December, Hong Kong and the world shall hear from the migrant workers a resounding call to JUNK WTO!