Mission for Migrant Workers

Media, News 16 Dec 2012
Mission for Migrant Workers

The Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW) Ltd. is a registered charitable organization dedicated to deliver responsive services to Asian migrants and develop self-sustaining capacities of migrant’s organizations for mutual aid and cooperation.


Established in 1981, the MFMW Ltd. is the longest existing independent service provider for migrants in Hong Kong and Asia. It is an outreach program of the St. John’s Cathedral of the HK Sheng Kung Hui (Anglican) where it is based.


As an indication of recognition to its expertise and work, it is invited

for consultations by HK government agencies and consulates of different countries on migration and related themes. Fiscal support for the MFMW Ltd. comes from churches, individuals and foundations.

The Mission’s services are for the more than 300,000 foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. Of this number, 98% are women who come from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other underdeveloped countries in Asia.


They are workers who are underpaid, overworked, trapped in the vicious cycle of debt and discrimination. They are migrant workers whose labour rights are violated. They are women who are victimized by physical and sexual abuse.


They are mothers, sisters, wives and daughters who suffer from the mental, emotional and social costs of forced migration.


They are migrant workers who are in crisis. They are migrant workers who need immediate welfare assistance. They are migrant workers who have to be empowered to regain their dignity and become productive again in society.

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